SMS Free Send

SMS Free Send 3

Send Free SMS Text Messages From Your Desktop

Send Free SMS Text Messages From Your Desktop

Send Free SMS messages to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile customers. 97% of US mobile users. Send from anywhere in the world from your desktop! This program is very fast, easy to use, and you will be sending free texts within seconds. No registration necessary.

Super Easy To Use. You can send free text from your desktop from anywhere in the world. No registration necessary. No waiting for account signup. Sign in with your Google acct!

Anyone who would like to easily send SMS messages from their desktop. Anyone who doesn't like switching between their phone and PC all the time to communicate.

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SMS Free Send


SMS Free Send 3

User reviews about SMS Free Send

  • Ha Yet1140213164

    by Ha Yet1140213164

    "i want thes programme actually"

    it is good . and i love like thes programme it is son cool..   More.

  • valerb

    by valerb

    "Does not work"

    Can't create account. Not working without it. Can't login..   More.

  • lharvey

    by lharvey

    "Works great"

    Works good. Sent my message OK. Can send to most US mobile phones as I understand. Very easy to install only a sin...   More.